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Create An Entire Campaign With A Single Chat

Hire Mia helps you develop and launch entire campaigns in as little as one chat.

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Hire Mia Writing Assistant

Instantly Develop Multiple Campaign Deliverables

Most marketing initiatives require multiple assets - social campaigns, emails, landing pages, and more. Hire Mia simultaneously creates and groups related campaign documents together, so you can seamlessly launch new marketing campaigns.

Hire Mia Shapes
Hire Mia Shapes

Create Campaigns With Hire Mia

It's Free!

Hire Mia Prompts
Featured Prompts

Execute Full-Scale Campaigns With Marketer-Tested Prompts

Hire Mia features 500+ AI prompt templates to help you ideate, create, and edit all the content for your next marketing campaign in record-time.

Best of all, you can customize every prompt to generate content tailored for your campaign.

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Event Campaign Ideas

Planning an event? Generate a list of creative promotion ideas with the click of a button.

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Marketing Campaign Ideas

Get inspiration for your next marketing campaign. Generate a list of marketing campaign ideas.

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Social Campaign Generator

Write engaging and effective social media posts in seconds.

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