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Hire Mia VS. ChatGPTChoose The Best AI-Writing Tool For You & Your Team In 2024

ChatGPT is one of the most recognizable AI tools out there. But when teams need an AI-Writing Assistant with more controls, security, and flexibility, they choose Hire Mia.

Brand Voice Training
Write content that sounds like your brand.
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Brand Profiles - Train Hire Mia to understand your brand voice and messaging goals for higher quality output.Not AvailableAvailable
Language Selector - Choose the language used in chat & while writing content.Not AvailableAvailable
Brand Voice - Hone Hire Mia’s ability to maintain brand voice and consistent messaging.Not AvailableAvailable
SEO Enhancer - Automatically ensure content meets SEO best practices.Not AvailableAvailable
Compliance Checker - Instantly review content against legal and regulatory rules to assure safety and compliance.Not AvailableAvailable

Hire Mia Solves The Biggest Complaints About ChatGPT

Unlike ChatGPT, Hire Mia provides teams with the tools they need to successfully scale content output with AI.

Brand Profiles

Create Content That Doesn't Sound Canned

Brand Profiles

ChatGPT content sounds robotic.

With Brand Profiles, you can train Hire Mia to develop AI-generated content that sounds like you wrote it.With a single link, Hire Mia analyzes your content to learn to write in your brand voice.

Prompt Library

Take The Guesswork Out Of Prompt-Writing

Prompt Library

Writing the perfect prompts takes time, experimentation, and fine-tuning.

Hire Mia’s extensive prompt libraries give users access to hundreds of human-tested prompts that generate better first-draft content.

Data Security

Keep Your Proprietary Data Secure

Data Security

ChatGPT uses your data to train their LLM.

Hire Mia ensures your proprietary data stays private and secure within your account.

Top 5 Reasons Why
Hire Mia Is The #1 ChatGPT Alternative

Brand Training
Brand Training

Create Better On-Brand Content

ChatGPT isn’t trained on your brand.

Use Hire Mia’s Brand Profiles to create content that meets brand guidelines. Reduce time editing, building prompts, and experimenting to generate better AI-generated content.

Team Collaboration

Easily Collaborate With Your Team + AI

Hire Mia is a Collaborative AI-editor.

You can create, edit, and collaborate with your team on any document. Then track all changes from AI and your team with revision history.

Team Collaboration
Data Security
Data Security

Secure Your Content From Other AI Users

Unlike ChatGPT and other LLMs, Hire Mia keeps your content within your account.

The data you share in documents and chats doesn’t train ChatGPT’s LLM for other users.

Prompt Library

Access 750+ Proven AI Prompts

AI-generated content is only as good as your prompts.

Hire Mia includes hundreds of prompts for content marketing, human resources, sales, business, and many other tasks.

Prompt Library

Receive Support From Real People

Support options are available for every Hire Mia plan.

From email support, live chat, and even custom AI-Assessments, you can get connected with an AI expert to maximize ROI from AI.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Hire Mia vs. ChatGPT

Why is Hire Mia a better AI writing tool than generative AI chatbots (ChatGPT, Gemini, etc.)?

Hire Mia is a specialized AI-writing assistant that is designed to help teams and individuals scale their content output securely and effectively.

Here’s how Hire Mia compares to AI tools like ChatGPT:

  • 1. Hire Mia is trained on your brand.

    ChatGPT and other AI tools are not specifically trained on your brand. Hire Mia features custom Brand Profiles to create content that more accurately reflects your brand guidelines. This reduces editing time, custom prompt building, and experimentation to generate better results from AI.

  • 2. Hire Mia makes it easy to edit and perfect your AI-generated content.

    Hire Mia features a Collaborative AI-editor, which means you can edit your content while you create it using your Text Editor and AI-powered editing tools. With ChatGPT, you have to copy and paste content from ChatGPT into a Document to make edits and improvements.

  • 3. Hire Mia includes AI prompt templates to generate better results.

    With ChatGPT, your results are only as good as your prompts. But engineering a prompt to help you generate the content you want to create isn’t as easy as it sounds. That’s why Hire Mia includes one of the largest AI prompt template libraries, so you can quickly access prompts for marketing, social media, human resources, sales, and generic business tasks.

  • 4. Hire Mia keeps your document and chats secure in your account.

    Unlike ChatGPT, Hire Mia doesn’t share your responses with other users. This keeps your proprietary information secure within your Hire Mia account.

  • 5. You can collaborate with your team & AI.

    It’s difficult to collaborate with your team on content using ChatGPT. Hire Mia is a Collaborative AI-editor. This means that you can create, edit, and collaborate with your team on content. Best of all, you can review historical changes on any project using Revision History.

Why is Hire Mia better than ChatGPT for teams?

Unlike ChatGPT, Hire Mia allows for team members to work together seamlessly within the platform. All contributions to documents from both AI and team members are tracked in the revision history in Hire Mia.

Teams are able to share documents and collaborate on these documents together. Teams can chat with Mia, make updates to content in the Editor, and create related documents in Hire Mia without needing to use a Google Doc, Word Doc, or other tool for team collaboration or editing.

Hire Mia keeps your documents and chat history secure within your Hire Mia account. ChatGPT may use your data to train their LLM, which may make your content accessible to other users.

Finally, Hire Mia makes it easier to ensure content generated from AI meets brand standards and guidelines with customized Brand Profiles. Teams can easily create and access these approved Brand Profiles in Chat to generate better results with Hire Mia.

I’m new to AI. How can I learn how to use ChatGPT or Hire Mia successfully?

One of the biggest challenges with using AI is understanding how to get good results. It all comes down to the prompts, or direction, you give AI to get the output you want.

For example, if you are creating a blog post, you’ll want to provide as much direction as you can to generate higher quality results. For example, Prompt A will likely produce a better output than Prompt B.

  • Prompt A

    “Draft a blog post for new parents about infant sleep best practices. The post should be educational and helpful. The tone of the piece should be relatable and conversational. The blog post should include a call-to-action to sign up for an infant sleep tips newsletter. The link to the newsletter info is {insert link}. The post should cover sleep space best practices, infant sleep schedule best practices, top sleep product recommendations, and other common sleep questions asked by new parents.”

  • Prompt B

    “Draft a blog post about infant sleep best practices.”

With Hire Mia, you'll get a library of over 1000 user-tested prompt templates to make it easier to create content generated by AI.

Hire Mia’s Brand Profiles provide additional direction to help improve brand voice, content optimization, tone, and length of your content to ensure higher quality than ChatGPT alone.

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