Train AI To Know Your Brand Like You Do

Ditch robotic AI copy. Hire Mia’s Training Modules help develop better, on-brand content using AI.

Collaborative AI-Editor
Brand Training

Train AI to Nail Your Brand Voice

Hire Mia’s Training Modules help AI understand your brand voice, preferred languages, target audience, and more to create content that knows your brand inside and out.

Brand Voice

Home Mia's Ability to maintain brand voice and messaging consistency across all content types.

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Language Selector

Select the language you would like Mia to use when writing content.

Target Audience

Define your audience with precision and ensure Mia tailors content to meet their needs.

AI Humanizer

Generate AI With A Human- Like Touch

With deep understanding of linguistic subtleties and unique writing styles, AI Humanizer helps generate AI-content that feels genuinely human.

Use AI Humanizer to pass more AI detection checks.

AI Humanizer
SEO Enhancer
SEO Enhancer

Instantly Optimize Content For SEO

Ensure your AI-generated content meets SEO best practices specific to your industry and brand.

Compliance Training

Adhere To Defined Content Rules

Ensure your AI-generated content meets the standards defined by company, regulatory, and brand guidelines.

Compliance Training

Compliance Check

Control language that runs afoul of legal and regulatory rules, ensuring peace of mind.

Style Guide

Maintain a consistent writing style and grammar rules by enforcing custom style rules to generate content.

Company Training
Company Information Training

Accurately Reference Company Information In AI Content

Equip Hire Mia with vital information about your business, products, services, locations, and more to create highly personalized content.

Company Profile

Store critical company information, ensuring brand consistency across AI-generated content.

Customer Reviews

Add client testimonials and endorsements to enrich your marketing content with authentic social proof.

Products & Services

Train Mia with your business's key products and services for precise content creation.

Business Locations

Catalog the locations your business operates from so that Mia can quickly reference them in content.

Brand Profiles

Define Your Brand Voice With Custom Brand Profiles

Update your Brand Profiles to produce better, on-brand content.

Add training modules to your Brand Profile to help Hire Mia better understand how to write content that sounds like you.

AI Humanizer

Explore More Hire Mia Features

Hire Mia is so much more than the Collaborative AI-editor. Discover how to create higher quality, on-brand content with Hire Mia’s prompt libraries and training modules.

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AI Prompt Libraries

Explore 1,100+ user-tested prompts for sales, business, marketing, real estate, & more!

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AI Editor

Collaborative AI-Editor

Use Hire Mia’s powerful AI-editor, quick prompts, & chat to multiply your content output.

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See Hire Mia At Work

Explore popular use cases to see how Mia can help with writing, research, SEO, and other key marketing tasks.

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