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With Hire Mia, you can quickly integrate Generative-AI across every area of your business. Explore thousands of AI prompt templates to uncover unique ways your team can scale with AI.

AI Prompts

AI For Marketing

Spin up blog posts, ads, emails, social messages, press releases, and other content in record-time with 500+ marketing prompt templates.

AI For Marketing
Idea Icon

Article Ideas

Generate hundreds of ideas for your article to never run out of content.

Keyword Icon

Keyword Suggestions

Quickly get a list of keyword suggestions to consider adding to your strategy.

Social Icon

Edit Social Message Copy

Social messages have never looked this good from copy editing!

AI For Business

AI For Business

From crafting compelling presentations to summarizing complex reports, the Business Prompt Library empowers you to unlock efficiency in your business.

Email Icon

Welcome Email

Engage new customers or users with a warm and informative email.

Presentation Icon

Presentation Outline

Generate a concise and engaging outline for your presentation.

Compare Icon

Compare Companies

Compare companies to begin competitor research.

AI For Sales

Enhance your selling skills, close more deals, and handle objections with 100+ prompts designed to boost Sales Performance.

AI For Sales
Customer Icon

Customer Persona Development

Create detailed customer personas to guide targeted marketing efforts.

Target Icon

Unique Selling Point

Draft a unique selling point to intrigue potential customers.

Email Icon

Follow-Up Emails

Follow up with your customers with an email specific to each person.

AI For Human Resources

AI For Human Resources

Access 100+ prompts to help with everything from recruiting and onboarding to employee engagement and retention strategies.

Healthcare Icon

Health & Safety Protocols

Commit to workplace safety by establishing and enforcing health & safety protocols.

Chat Bubble Icon

Interview Questions

Create a list of interview questions to help you find the perfect candidate for the job.

Users Icon

Company Culture Survey

Craft a company culture survey to gauge employee satisfaction, engagement, and alignment with organizational values.

AI For Real Estate

Scale your business operations and marketing using AI to become the go-to real estate professional in your community.

AI For Real Estate
Target Icon

ROI Calculation

Calculate the return on investment to demonstrate the financial value of your products or services.

List Icon

Seller Pre-Listing Checklist

Prepare a detailed checklist for sellers to follow before listing their property.

House Icon

Home Care Tips

Provide valuable home care tips to help homeowners preserve their investment.

AI For eCommerce

AI For eCommerce

Create listings that drive sales. Use eCommerce AI prompts to streamline your eCommerce marketing and business strategy.

Product Icon

Product Descriptions

Write detailed product descriptions to highlight features and benefits.

Cart Icon

Shipping Information

Convey essential shipping details to clearly inform customers and manage expectations.

Specification Icon

Specifications Overview

Provide a comprehensive overview of a product’s specifications to inform customers.

AI For Healthcare

Improve patient communication, document processes, and promote your business with 80+ healthcare prompts.

AI For Healthcare
List Icon

Symptom Monitoring

Establish a routine for patients to monitor their symptoms for better management of their condition.

Healthcare Icon

Wellness Resources

Provide patients with resources that support their overall wellness and health education.

People Icon

Emotional Support Guidance

Guide patients in finding emotional support during their healthcare journey.

AI For Tourism & Hospitality

AI For Tourism & Hospitality

From travel agents to must-visit destinations, the Tourism & Hospitality prompt library features 90+ prompts to help with marketing, promotions, customer service, & more!

Book Icon

Family Travel Guide

Create a customized travel plan for family adventures.

Trophy Icon

Hidden Gems

Reveal lesser-known attractions for an authentic experience.

Utencils Icon

Local Cuisine Recommendations

Entice foodies with local cuisine options anywhere in the world.

AI For Agencies

Access 100+ prompts to operate your agency more efficiently, improve client relationships, and grow your client base.

AI For Agencies
Money Icon

Service Pricing Structure

Outline the pricing model and structure of your services.

Paper Icon

Service Guarantees

Provide assurances and guarantees related to the quality of your services.

List Icon

Workflow Optimization Plan

Streamline operations to boost productivity and efficiency.

Custom Prompts
Custom Prompts

Create Better Content With Reusable Custom Prompts

Build custom prompts to quickly access key information to improve the quality of AI-generated content.

Save key details including target audience, tone, brand messaging, and more to reduce the need for customizing pre-prompts every time you create a new document.

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Hire Mia is so much more than the Collaborative AI-editor. Discover how to create higher quality, on-brand content with Hire Mia’s prompt libraries and training modules.

AI Editor

Collaborative AI-Editor

Use Hire Mia’s powerful AI-editor, quick prompts, & chat to multiply your content output.

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AI Training Modules

AI Training Modules

Train Hire Mia to know your brand as well as you do.

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