Press Release

CoSchedule Named One Of The Fastest-Growing HubSpot Integration Partners

BISMARCK, N.D., MAY 15, 2019 — CoSchedule’s rapid growth continues to turn heads. HubSpot released its first-ever list of the Top 5 Fastest-Growing Integrations Partners, a new recognition program that will be published quarterly. With over 300 non-native app integrations in their ecosystem, CoSchedule landed the #3 position for growth in Q1 2019.

CoSchedule launched the HubSpot integration in September of 2018, quickly providing hundreds of HubSpot customers the features they love with the CoSchedule project management tools and marketing calendar they’ve always dreamed of.

The CoSchedule integration is perfect for HubSpot customers looking to get visibility of every active marketing project and campaign, collaborate on projects real-time, and streamline social promotion in one place. More information on the integration can be found at

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