Complete More Work With Software Built For Marketing Teams

CoSchedule Marketing Suite features a series of unique workspaces, so you can organize your projects and campaigns in a way that works best for you (and your team).

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Calendar View

Visualize Your Marketing Schedule In Real‑Time

Your calendar provides global visibility of your projects and campaigns in a cross-functional calendar view.

Manage a single publishing calendar for your content, events, campaigns, & more. With Calendar, you can proactively plan weeks, months, quarters, or even a year in advance.

calendar view
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Kanban View

Manage Work Through Every Stage Of The Creative Process

Create customizable Kanban Boards to easily field requests, earn stakeholder buy-in before execution, & save ideas without distracting your current workload.

Keep a pulse on projects as they move through the creative process from idea, copy, design, & beyond.

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team icon
Team View

Maximize Your Team’s Productivity

Team Dashboard gives you a live view of every employees’ active to-do list and projects.

Easily delegate, assign, & reassign work to effectively manage your team’s priorities. Then visualize future availability to optimize your team’s output.

team view
table icon
Table View

See Your High Level Marketing Strategy At A Glance

Table View shares all your scheduled & unscheduled projects in one easy-to-scan list.

Review everything planned for next quarter or provide an update on last year’s campaigns in seconds.

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calendar view
kanban view
team view
table view
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Complete More Work

Complete Up To 125% More Work

Equip your team with the tools to publish more content in less time (with your existing team).

Deliver Projects

Deliver Projects On Time. Every Time.

Maintain on-time completion rates greater than 90%. Manage deadlines for your recurring work, new campaigns, and unplanned requests with ease.

Strategic Goals

Focus 100% Of Efforts On Strategic Goals

Prove your value to stakeholders by demonstrating how projects and campaigns align with strategic business goals.

Explore The Marketing Suite

Multiple Calendars

Create Multiple Calendars For More Control And Flexibility

Marketing Suite features multiple calendars for specific teams, departments, or initiatives. Every calendar includes custom controls and permissions to customize your team’s access to certain projects, campaigns, and initiatives.

  • Access Controls Icon
    Access Control

    Limit access to specific workspaces like Analytics, Team Reports, Kanban Boards, & more.

  • Social Publishing Icon
    Social Publishing

    Limit access to specific workspaces like Analytics, Team Reports, Kanban Boards, & more.

  • Advanced Permissions Icon
    Advanced Permissions

    Set permissions to make changes to projects, workspaces, organizational structure, and more.

Multiple Calendars
Request Forms

Streamline Your Project Intake Process

Spend less time coordinating details & deadlines. Create custom, shareable intake forms to gain control over requests. Capture project requirements upon submission to confirm project specifications & complete work faster.

Request Forms Example
Approval Workflows

Require Manager, Legal, Or Compliance Approvals

Add required approvals to your workflows to ensure projects meet company and industry standards before publishing.

Approval Workflows Example
Team Management

Manage Team Resources With Ease

Access a live view of every employees’ to-do lists and projects. With Team Dashboard, you can delegate, assign, and reassign work to effectively manage your team’s priorities.

Team Management Example
Security + Compliance

Secure Login with Single Sign-On (SSO)

Give users an easy and secure way to login to Marketing Suite using SSO authentication.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Example
Digital Asset Management

Store, Index, And Share Your Content

Manage a single content library with built-in digital asset management (DAM) software. Organize everything from working files to final projects in one centralized repository.

  • File Storage Icon
    File storage & custom taxonomies

    Quickly find project files you need to get work done.

  • Version Control Icon
    Built-in version controls

    Maintain control over your brand assets to ensure files are up-to-date.

  • Universal Content Library Icon
    Universal content library

    Catalog your projects to avoid duplicate work.

  • Secure file sharing Icon
    Secure file sharing

    Give stakeholders, clients, and internal teams direct access to specific content and folders.

AI Marketing

Fight Writer’s Block To Create More Content In Less Time

Write first-draft copy, generate new ideas, and upgrade your marketing workflows with CoSchedule’s AI-Powered Marketing Intelligence Assistant.

  • AI Social Assistant Icon
    AI Social Assistant

    Draft social message copy to build out entire social campaigns in seconds.

  • Prompt Library Icon
    AI Prompt Library

    Access 500+ marketer-tested AI prompts to help with outlines, first-drafts, & more!

  • Natural Language Prompts Icon
    Natural Language Prompts

    Generate better results from AI with easy-to-use customizable prompts.

Social Media Management

Manage Your Social Strategy In One Place

Create, schedule, publish, and measure your social media strategy in a single, AI-powered social calendar.

  • Social Media Calendar Icon
    Social Media Calendar
  • Social Publishing Icon
    Social Publishing
  • Best Time Scheduling Icon
    Best Time Scheduling
  • Social Media Automation Icon
    Social Media Automation
  • Social Media Reports Icon
    Social Media Reports
  • Social Templates and more Icon
    Social Templates and more!

Social Publishing available for:

Customer Success & Support

Personalized Onboarding And Ongoing Training

Get hands-on support from your designated CoSchedule expert. Each Marketing Suite team is paired with a Customer Success Manager to get up and running fast.

  • Calendar Setup & Strategy Icon
    Calendar Setup & Strategy
  • Team Onboarding Icon
    Team Onboarding
  • New Team Member Training Icon
    New Team Member Training
  • New Feature Training Icon
    New Feature Training
  • Change Management Icon
    Change Management
  • And more Icon
    And more!
Multiple Calendars

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