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This 5-Person Marketing Team Managed 12x More Work While Working Remotely

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In mid-March, the UofSC Alumni Association’s marketing team started working from home. But they needed to continue increasing alumni engagement. All while collaborating and crafting content remotely.

By leaning on Marketing Suite by CoSchedule for all of their remote marketing, the UofSC Alumni team managed 12x more work in one month. And they boosted total daily social engagements from 170 to 3.4k.

Key Outcomes

  • The team manages 12x more work with Marketing Suite than they did before working remotely
  • They increased total daily social engagements from 170 to 3.4k in just one month
  • They can schedule and shift their content in real time to keep messaging thoughtful

Challenge: Remote working created concerns over engagement, messaging, and sharing

The UofSC Alumni team was suddenly faced with the task of meaningfully engaging alumni over social media–without sounding off-key. They also needed to find and replace irrelevant content, share files without access to a physical server, and collaborate on projects. All while working from home.

Solution: Marketing Suite gave them one place to schedule + share + stay connected

With the Suite, the team could stay on the same page by visualizing all of their marketing together. They could see messages they had planned out weeks in advance. Collaborate on content in real time. Share files in one central place. And track social engagement with built-in analytics. 

Result: 12x more work managed, 2,000% more engagements, & relevant messaging

The team has relied on Marketing Suite to help them manage 12x more tasks than they did before working remotely. By creating new content, the team boosted total daily social engagements from 170 to 3.4k in a month. And they can easily see where content needs to be shifted, so messaging stays relevant.

“Last week we hit our highest engagement score on record–while working remotely. Having the ability to coordinate and measure the success of our content week-to-week in Marketing Suite has been so valuable.”

Taylor Valley,
Assistant Executive Director for Marketing and Membership

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