Chapter 2: Take Control Of Your Process With Your Marketing Calendar
Getting Started Guide: Marketing Calendar Free

Chapter 2: Take Control Of Your Process With Your Marketing Calendar

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Core Concept: Get Your Process In Order

When you suffer from a lack of process, it can feel like your to-do list & projects are out-of-control. It feels impossible to define your priorities or know when projects will be done. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to use your CoSchedule Marketing Calendar to get a solid marketing process in place. What is this guide? This lesson will walk you through how to use the CoSchedule Marketing Calendar to execute your marketing processes. Who is this guide for? Marketers who wear many hats and struggle to coordinate their marketing work as their task list grows.

Change The Status Of A Project

The Project Status shows what you are working on, and when it will be published. This helps you prioritize your work, and keep things from going live before you are ready. There are four statuses in your Marketing Calendar: To change the status of a project:
  1. Click a project card on your calendar.
  2. Click the status button in the top right-hand corner to change the status.
image showing project status in marketing calendar illustration of different project status stages

Choose Your Color Labels

Color labels are the most powerful way to add visual organization to your calendar. Customize your labels to match what is most important to your company or add visual hierarchy to your calendar. Here are a few of the most common ways people use them: Apply Color Labels To Your Marketing Calendar To set up color labels:
  1. Click the Settings button in the left-side panel.
  2. Select Color Labels from the menu list under Settings.
image showing color labels in marketing calendar After you’ve set up color labels, you can apply them to your projects to visually distinguish between different projects on your calendar.

Bonus Step: Apply Additional Metadata To Your Projects

Aside from color labels, there are additional descriptors you can add to your projects for even better visibility. image showing color labels on a project in marketing calendar


Tags build an added layer of information on top of your color labels. Use tags to quickly see which projects contribute to various goals, target audiences, or initiatives at a glance. image showing tag on a project in marketing calendar Tags are automatically added to your calendar when you add a new tag inside any project. You can manage your list of Tags by going to the “Tags” section in your Settings. image showing tags enabled in settings


Use Project Descriptions to add more context or details to a specific project’s Project Card. This helps you quickly know an important summary of your project. image showing description on a project in marketing calendar Descriptions can be added by clicking “More Options” when creating a new project or below the project name within a project card.