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What’s New For Blog Calendar: August 2020 Video Update

October 21, 2022
Monthly Recap

Access Home Dashboard From Anywhere

Navigating to & from your Home Dashboard is easier than ever. The drop-down menu is now available anywhere in the app, and your Home Dashboard is tucked right inside. Use the menu to quickly jump between all of your favorite tools in CoSchedule. Find the Home Dashboard alongside your Calendar, Analytics, and other tools for a streamlined experience. Go to your Home Dashboard to see it now.

Bulk Delete Tasks

If you’ve ever changed your task list three minutes after you create one, this next feature will save you a lot of time. With the new Select Multiple option, you can update workflows quickly & easily. Bulk delete tasks by selecting the ones you want to remove. Or, choose Select All to delete every task & start fresh in seconds. Try out the new bulk delete feature.

Vote For Your Favorite Integrations

Finally, don’t forget to vote for your most-wanted CoSchedule integrations! In case you missed it, CoSchedule’s integration catalog got an upgrade last month. You can now see your favorite tools by category & a list of recommended integrations. Scroll to the bottom of the page to request an integration or vote for others’ submissions. Your feedback lets our team know what integrations you want to see! Request & vote for CoSchedule integrations. If you have any questions about the product updates in this video, contact for help. Stay tuned for more updates in next month's recap video.