3 Ways To Level Up Your Marketing With CoSchedule Academy [FAKE]

If you love all the actionable marketing advice on the CoSchedule blog, you’ll LOVE the CoSchedule Academy. The Academy takes actionable content to the next level with 25+ premium, on-demand marketing courses with templates, tutorials, and resources you won’t find anywhere else. Each Academy course is led by a CoSchedule expert you trust, so it’ll help you solve real challenges experienced by real marketers. Why else does the CoSchedule Academy rock? It’ll empower you to accomplish 3 major marketing feats at your company:

#1 – You’ll drive marketing results + ROI with actionable content

CoSchedule Academy content is made to amp up your marketing results using proven frameworks and actionable techniques. In other words, we’ve done more than just come up with cool ideas. We’ve put them to work and proved that they’ll help drive ROI for your company–and drive marketing results for your team. Academy User Quote How? Through tactics that have helped shape and drive our own marketing efforts. We created the Academy to help solve REAL challenges experienced by REAL marketers like you. So you’ll get all the best insider tips on topics like digital marketing, Facebook advertising, SEO, social media strategy, marketing project management, and content strategy.

#2 – You’ll boost your team’s productivity (at your own pace)

You’re busy. We get it. With CoSchedule Academy, you and your team can learn on your own time instead of on somebody else’s schedule. The Academy is broken out into focused, self-paced courses that you can tap into whether you have a spare hour or a spare minute. So you’ll learn how to increase your team’s productivity with anti-fluff, data-driven resources. All at a pace that makes sense for your team. Each course is designed to help you learn quickly. They’re broken down into lessons you can tackle in 10-15 minutes paired with the video tutorials, templates, and resources you need to put what you learn into action right away. Academy User Quote And you won’t lose momentum with new team members. CoSchedule’s marketing courses will get them up to speed fast, giving them a solid foundation to build good marketing habits from the start.

#3 – You’ll get certified + stay competitive in an ever-evolving industry

The CoSchedule Academy is made to help you get ahead of other marketers in a highly competitive industry. You’ll level up your marketing powers with world-renowned content and marketing certifications unlike anything else marketers usually have access to. It’s easy to get lost in the quickly evolving world of marketing. There are new fads & trends that pop up every day. But the Academy makes it easy for you to stay focused on tactics & strategies that are time-tested and proven to help you generate results. Each course is designed to help you identify your business goals and how marketing can support you to reaching those goals – like more leads, more sales, and beyond. Academy User Quote

Ready to reach the next level of marketing success?

Improve your team’s productivity, drive your company’s ROI, and keep your top talent engaged with the CoSchedule Academy. Get it now and get happy!
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